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MEWICON CATEEM-Tec GmbH has developed three Hard- Software Combinations:


Neurocode Tracking (Fast Dynamic EEG Processing in Psychology)


Neo-CATEEMR (Quantitative EEG Mapping in Neurology, Psychiatry and Sleep)

ProSciCard III (Determination of Heart Rate Variability)


Heart Rate Variability

ProSciCard III is a soft - hardware combination for research purposes. It provides information on the function of autonomic nerves during diabetes and ethanol abuse.

Screenshot of ProSciCard software package.




How to Visualize, Document and Interpret Quantitative EEG Data with Reasonable Effort and Knowledge using Online Real Time neo-CATEEM®



EEG and Eye Tracking



EEG Processing in Psychology

In psychology and advertisement research fast dynamic processing of EEG data has been developed to provide about 3 brain maps per second and is suitable for combination with different eye tracking devices.


EEG Mapping in Neurology

Evaluation of EEG recordings has been made easier by automatic quantitative mathematical processing based on frequency analysis and comparison to a norm data base. Statistically significant deviations from normality provide the base for rational pharmacotherapy.

Example of EEG recording of an epileptic patient in the seizure free interval showing increased delta activity in left fronto-temporal cortex (red columns at electrode positions F7 and T3 ).


Neuro-electric Activity Patterns during Brain Disease

There is no doubt that neuro-electric activity patterns based on multichannel EEG recording reflect states of brain disease. Documentation is now possible with a hard- software combination available under the operating system Windows®. Regional electric power is transformed in brain maps showing the actual distribution of spectral frequencies as the result Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT).

Please note also video of a juvenile epileptic patient: http://youtu.be/49ef8MP3kA0

These data are compared to a norm database consisting of 250 healthy brains resulting in an aberration index giving the probability of being pathologic by a statistical index.


For more Information on higher time resolution for psychological and non-medical research see

„Neurocode Tracking“




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